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What is a real estate CRM and how does it work?

What is a real estate CRM?

If you still don’t know about this type of system, don’t worry! We will start by explaining in a simple way what it consists of so that you do not have any doubts about it.

Its acronym comes from the English Custom Relationship Management, which translates as “customer relationship management.” We can define real estate CRM as a software whose function is based on managing relationships between the real estate agency and its clients or users interested in some of the services.

This type of program, as we will see later, provides a myriad of advantages and benefits for the real estate and its agents, since there is an improvement in productivity by accelerating certain routine processes.

In general, the main functions carried out by this system are:

  • Management of the real estate website.
  • Management and control of customer data.
  • Visits management.
  • Collaborative management between various real estate professionals (MLS).

If you read our article, we are sure that you will know all the relevant aspects of these programs. In this way, you will be able to assess whether your real estate agency really requires its use.

Types of real estate CRM that exist.

Currently, different types of CRM are marketed in the market. The most relevant are the following:

Generic CRM

The normal thing is that when a real estate agency seeks to insert this software in its agency, it tries to select a specific model for the sector. However, cheaper generic CRM models are also available.

This type of program is not aimed at any business sector, hence its name. You may wonder if it will really meet the needs of your agency. The truth is that it will depend on which one you choose, but, normally, all of them will provide you with customer management tools, marketing, data collection, reports, etc.

Vertical CRM

In this case, it is a more specific option. This type of CRM incorporates a series of more advanced tools and features adjusted to the sector you work in, in this case real estate. For example, you will have available connection with real estate portals to publish automatic property announcements. Sometimes they even add services related to the creation and maintenance of the web pages.

Is a generic or vertical CRM better?

To select the most suitable option, you must study the situation of your real estate agency. Obviously, if you have a sufficient budget, the ideal is that you select a vertical CRM, since it will have higher quality tools that will help you in a multitude of tasks and, therefore, you will achieve the objectives of your agency more easily and fast.

In case you cannot invest too much, you can choose a generic CRM, since they are cheaper than the previous ones.

Real estate CRM online or installed on the computer?

On the other hand, we can differentiate between online CRM for real estate or those that are installed on the computer.

A few years ago, the real estate company that bought this type of software had to install it on a computer. Over time, there has been an evolution in CRM models, and we have the ability to select one whose function is cloud-based. Next, we show you the main differences between the two.

The CRMs installed on the computer:

  • They are acquired through the purchase of an installation disc or with a download from the web.
  • Before buying it, you must make sure that your computer meets the necessary requirements that this version requires.
  • A single payment is made.
  • Security and maintenance are the responsibility of the real estate agency that has purchased the product.
  • To update it, you will likely have to pay the provider. Sometimes this type of payment is made annually or monthly.

CRMs that are organized in the cloud:

  • They are hired directly online.
  • You will have to pay a monthly or annual fee.
  • No installation is necessary.
  • You will not have to bear the costs of maintenance and updating, since they include it.
  • You can access it through different devices: mobile, tablet, computer …

In general, most real estate agencies prefer this second option, since it offers more advantages and is more versatile. If you want guidance on CRM pricing, read on. Later we will reveal all the information about it.

What is a real estate CRM for?

Basically, this program will serve to centralize the data that are handled in the real estate (clients, collaborators, professionals), automate tasks that are carried out frequently and improve the service of your agency.

To know in a concrete way all the advantages and benefits, read on.

Advantages of using a real estate CRM for agents.

We show you the main advantages of using a CRM for real estate:

Improve communication within the team.

In the first place, this type of software will not only help you directly obtain a greater number of sales, but also provides benefits and advantages to the real estate that, later, will translate into a better service and, therefore, in a greater number of sales.

We must highlight the improvement in communication that occurs within the team of real estate agents. This will make each agent more comfortable in their job and offer a higher quality service.

Improved communication with external users

In a real estate agency, you will have to contact other external users. Management programs will also improve communication with these sectors.

Helps you in organization.

Not sure how to organize the week? Do you always forget a task or management? This can cause serious problems in your real estate agency. Imagine that a user sends an email requesting information and receives the response after several days.

Or what is worse, the email is forgotten, and you get no reply. This fact will undoubtedly create a bad image and a feeling of mistrust.

Thanks to the management programs you have the possibility to write down all your weekly tasks so that nothing is overlooked. In addition, you can also assign many of those tasks to your employees easily and quickly.

Productivity is improved.

All data is centralized, so agents will not waste time asking questions or looking for information. This translates into improved productivity within the team and better performance.

Gives a greater team feeling.

Control and easy access to any information makes each employee feel like part of the team and will work more efficiently.

Data is safe without risk of losing it.

When we have long lists of data of interested users, potential clients and other real estate companies or professionals, we run the risk of them being misplaced or lost.

The use of a real estate management program will make all this data centralized and ordered as you decide.

Publish to real estate portals.

There is no doubt that the internet has fully penetrated many sectors, which is why the presence of our real estate agency in the online world is crucial.

When a user is looking for a home, either to buy or rent, the first thing they usually do is go to a real estate portal online. Rarely is the first contact made through Tajarat Properties. For this reason, you should publish your ads on these portals since they have become one of the main ways to obtain potential clients.

The problem is that manually making each publication on several portals is a rather tedious task and it will waste time which we could be investing in other functions. With a real estate CRM, you have the possibility to automate the entire process.

Instead of accessing each portal and adding information by hand, you just must check the publication box. This will also make fewer mistakes such as, for example, entering the data of a property wrong, since when managing it by hand it is unlikely that you will realize it, but with the CRM you will only have a single list of properties.

Improve property information.

Your objective should not only be based on being present in the best real estate portals, but it is also extremely important that you worry about providing quality information, since these portals will give priority to those properties that contain excellent data, good photos and that are more complete.

In addition, if you enter little information, you will not be able to capture the attention of the user who agrees to see the ad.

The CRM will notify you when the data of a property is incomplete or if it has been rejected by a portal. In this way, you can correct errors easily and quickly.

Better customer service is offered.

Some users who enter your office will know exactly what they are looking for: living area, number of rooms, price, as well as other characteristics.

When an agency showing property in park view city showing the catalogue of all the homes that are of interest to the client can take a long time. Thanks to this type of real estate management software, you will get a selection of properties when creating the client file. On the other hand, it will allow you to make a comparison of properties based on characteristics such as location, size, etc.

Print shop window posters

The showcase of your real estate agency will serve as a real estate marketing strategy, since you will be showing photographs with brief descriptions of the new properties that you have. In addition, you can also add promotions and other types of advertising that interest you.

To carry out this task you will need a photo editing program, management knowledge or a professional to take care of it and compose each file one by one. However, with CRM you will speed up the entire process, since many of them can be used to create cards instantly. You just have to select your preferred model and voila!

Website management

As we have mentioned before, if you have a real estate agency, you must be present on the internet. Creating your own real estate website will help you to make yourself known and attract your target audience.

Sometimes maintaining a website is not easy at all and can cause us to invest a large amount of time. With the use of a CRM, you can create your real estate portal and configure its appearance, blog, static pages, etc. In addition, many of them are very intuitive and easy to use.

Track the sale.

Other of its functions is to act as a file to allow keeping a record of all the interactions that have occurred between the agency and the client. For example, we have the ability to document phone calls, comments made in meetings or visits, attach emails, etc.

Through all these functions, the real estate agents will have available all the relevant information of the potential client and will be able to collect it to detect what their needs are and when the sale or rental of the property could occur.

Task automation

In addition to obtaining better management and organization, we can also automate certain tasks that are repeated.

Analysis of the results

A real estate CRM will provide you with an analysis of the actions you have carried out in your agency so that you can check what the results have been.

In this way, you will know which efforts have had positive effects and which are the areas that need modification or improvement.

Do not forget that analysing each management or proposal that is carried out in your real estate agency is essential to continue moving forward and offering an optimal quality service.

Some of the data that you can analyse are:

  • Performance of each of the real estate agents.
  • Number of new clients that have come to our agency.
  • How many sales have been closed in a given time?
  • Results of some marketing strategies or advertising campaigns that have been carried out.


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